In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m someone who likes both heavy metal and quizzes. This is a place to hold my musings about both, from album and live reviews to my thoughts on various quiz shows and my struggles to remember African capital cities…

I’ve liked quizzes all my life and been a rock/metal fan since my mid-teens. Despite the stereotype of metal music being dumb and unsophisticated, I always found it complemented my interest in general knowledge well; look at all the historical and literary references in Iron Maiden’s lyrics for a famous example!

I’ve recently taken a more proactive interest in competitive quizzing, appearing on 2 TV quiz shows in the past year, and have gotten back into music criticism and writing lately, having neglected it since leaving university.

Whichever of my interests (if not both) that you share, hopefully you’ll find something worth your while in this little corner of the internet.


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